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Health Information

Medical Requirements for all students:

Physical Exams:
A physical exam must be turned in PRIOR to September 6, 2022 or your child will be EXCLUDED until the exam is completed.  Students entering kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades are required to have a completed Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form (school physical) on file for the upcoming 2022 - 2023 school year.  This form must be completed and signed, including the date, by your physician.  Your physician must also mark the physical education and interscholastic sports boxes.  If your child receives immunizations, the doctor must sign to verify the date administered.  Computer-generated reports from your physician must be signed and dated.  There is a health history portion to be completed by the parent, including a signature and date.  Forms that do not have the required information, including signatures, will not be accepted as completed forms.  Students who are new to the district will have 30 days to provide the physical exam.

Proof of meningitis vaccine completion is due by grade 12
Students must have proof of current immunizations turned in PRIOR to September 6, 2022.  All immunizations must be completed or must be in progress before the child will be allowed to attend after this date.  Please refer to the Illinois Immunization Requirements for a list of what is needed and when the immunization is given.  All religious and medical objections must be presented at the time the physical is turned in and must meet the specifications of state code.

Recommended but not required - for students entering grade 6 - HPV vaccine.

Athletic Physical Grades 5 - 12:
IESA and IHSA require a certificate of physical fitness, signed by a licensed physician, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner in order to practice or participate.  The physical examination is good for 395 days from the date of the exam.

School Dental Exams:
2022 - 2023 New Requirement for students entering grade 9

Students entering kindergarten, second, sixth and NINTH grade are required by law to complete a dental exam.  The dental exam form must be turned in by May 15, 2023 of the school year.  If you are not able to complete this requirement, a waiver form will be provided and must be completed.

Eye Examinations:
Students entering kindergarten or upon first entry into an Illinois school beyond kindergarten, (grades 1 through 12) are required to have an eye examination.  The exam must be performed by a licensed optometrist or medical doctor who performs eye examinations, as specified in Illinois Department of Public Health administrative rules.  He/ she shall complete and sign the Eye Examination Report Form.  This form must be turned in no later than October 15, 2022 of the school year for kindergarten and transfer students.  Those who transfer into the district after October 15, 2022 and have not attended an Illinois school before, will be given time to complete the examination requirements.

Medical Authorization Form:
A School Medical Authorization Form must be on file each school year for your child.  Tylenol and other medications will not be given at school without this completed form.  All medication must be dropped off and picked up by a parent per school policy.