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Superintendent's Message

I would like to welcome you to Coal City Community Unit School District #1, which proudly serves Coal City, Diamond, Carbon Hill and Goose Lake Township.  Our school district has a proud history of excellence, which we strive to improve upon daily. 

Our District is comprised of five schools, which are organized in a grade center format.  We have organized in this format as a result of significant community feedback.  Our constituents believe it is very important to keep all of our students at the same grade level in the same school in order to maintain our sense of school pride.  Also, this format allows for enhanced communication between teachers at the same grade level, and provides better continuity of instruction than if we were organized in a neighborhood school design.  Therefore, our schools are organized as follows.

                Early Childhood Center--Grades PreK-1 
                Elementary School--Grades 2-3
                Intermediate School--Grades 4-5
                Middle School--Grades 6-8
                High School--Grades 9-12

District #1 is committed to the continuous improvement of our entire educational program.  Therefore, not only is our academic program exemplary, but our students have multiple opportunities to become involved in excellent extra and co-curricular activities.  In order for our students to enjoy the total school experience, I encourage them to become involved in all aspects of their school. 

As a parent of two girls myself, I can testify that there is no better place to raise a family than within District #1.  Not only do we enjoy an excellent school system, but we have the benefit of supportive communities filled with people who understand and appreciate the value of education.  Parents have many opportunities to get involved in our schools through the PSO, Music Boosters and Athletic Boosters, just to name a few.  Our schools are always looking for volunteers to assist in classrooms and throughout the schools.  I encourage all of our parents to take an active role in the education of their child(ren).

If you are new to our school district, I welcome you and hope you and your child(ren) enjoy your educational experience.  If you are not new, I hope you continue to enjoy the educational opportunities and commitment to continuous improvement provided by District #1.




Kent A. Bugg, Ph.D.