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Summer Curriculum Work 2024

Hours will be Monday - Thursday 7:30 am - 3:00 pm and Fridays from 7:30 am - noon. 
Dates will be May 30th - June 27th.
All work must be completed under the direction of the Department Leader. 
Please fill out a new guide sheet for the 2024-20254 school year ONLY if you have a new assessment or have made changes to the assessment. If there are notes or corrections on current guide sheets in your curriculum folders, please make the corrections and replace with a new guide sheet. 
*Fill out the Assessment Administration Guidelines completely. Assessments must be administered the same way in each classroom regardless of the person administering them. Be sure to provide the information necessary to make that happen.
*Keys need to be completed on the Assessment Answer Sheet.  Use this sheet only.
*If you have any Open Responses you must have a rubric and/or key with the correct answers and guidance for scoring. 
Summer Work Checklist - This form must be completed for each folder and given to the appropriate Department Leader for approval.  
Assessment Schedule - This form will be placed into each folder for the upcoming school year.  After completing the form, please enter each assessment in the Assessment Request Form below.  We will NOT be doing requests throughout the year, these will be set in place at the beginning of the year.  Changes will be available once the school year begins.
Assessment Request Form - After you have finished your Assessment Schedule for your course folder, type each assessment into this request.  You will enter the assessment for each individual date now as opposed to before the assessment.  All assessment requests should be completed prior to June 27th.
Guide Sheet - Use this sheet for any changes to your assessment or for new assessments.  New guide sheets are not required for each individual assessment in your folder this year.  
Assessment Answer Key - This needs to be completed for each new or changed assessment that you are submitting this year.  You do not need to complete the key for existing assessments. 
Daily Timesheet for Summer Hours
Fill out this form for each day that you are at CCHS working on curriculum work.
Professional learning hours are also available. Please check the PD hours needed on the timesheet daily. Evidence forms will be sent electronically at the end of summer work. 
EVALUATION LINK - Fill out the evaluation only when you have completed all of your summer work.
Additional Resources
Assessment Images Folder - Please drop all images from new/changed assessments into this folder. 
Week-by-Week Calendar - Feel free to make a copy and edit as you would like.
PreK-1st - 212
2nd-3rd - 211
4th-5th - 500
6-12 ELA - 210
6-12 Math - 512
6-12 SS - 505
6-12 WL - 504
6-12 Science - 501
Fine Arts - 502
CTE - 209
PE - 214
Spec. Services - 213
Testing Center - 208