Ribbon winners

Coal City Middle School art teacher Amy Siefken has announced the winners in the school’s third and fourth quarter Art Show. Each of the winning art pieces was awarded a ribbon and placed on display in the school’s commons for students and staff to view. 

Ribbon winners in eighth grade—

Clay Cup Cake

First place— Reese Symons , Chocolate Fudge Cupcake; Ryland Clements, Homer's Headache Cure, and Tommy Poole,Gru

Second place— Dylun Tarman, Birthday Dog and Amelia Kramer, Island Getaway


Beyond the Border Painting

First place— Jaiden Leman, The Beautiful Briny Sea


All About Me Gallery Drawing

First place—Het Patel, Art Gallery

Second place— Logan Polarek, My Gallery

Third place—Gianna Carver, Groovy Gorgeous Guitar


Seventh grade ribbon winners—


Name logo Drawing

First place—Alyson Shelton, Name Logo/Favorite Things and Heli Patel, The Magician's Show

Second place—Jonathan Wegner, Name Logo


Skyline Painting

First place—Milania Lowe, NYC Skyline

Second place—Jasmin Robles-Serna, The Rise of NY

Third place—Tevin Kent, Night in Paris


Sixth grade ribbon winners—


Whimsical Coil Pot

First place—Ashlyn Chapman, Lost in a Tower

Second place—Kennedy Loughran, Deep Blue

Third place—Gryson Johnson, Koi Pond


Name Alien Drawing

First place—Cianna-Renee McKee, Felicia the Fashionista

Second place—Nalia Castle, Alien Queenie

Third place—Lila Molloy, Sorry I work in Food Service and I am Trying my Best


Fantasy Creature

First place—Olivia Wren, Tobi

Second place—Lila Molloy, Goober's Bedroom

Third place—Jelenie Opyd, Sea of Monsters