“I AM SPARTA…or Athens”

In Mrs. Larson’s sixth grade social studies classes, students just finished their unit on Ancient Greece focusing on the culture and geography and how it has affected our world today. During this unit, students were able to participate in an array of activities. During this unit, they participated in a reenactment of the Trojan War and brainstormed whether the story was real or only myth based on the facts we have been able to gather over the years. 

Another favorite was their Peloponnesian Debate. Students were placed in four groups: Athenian men, Athenian women, Spartan men, and Spartan women. Groups researched facts and ultimately tried to debate that their city-state was the best to live in. One last final project that they found engaging was creating an “Olympic Newspaper” In the newspaper they were able to compare events from the original Ancient Olympics to those of today. They were surprised to see how much it has changed!

Starting this week, we have been reviewing major geography locations around the world. Students are becoming more and more familiar with the countries around the world, as we have practiced them since the start of the school year. In the following pictures, you see students competing to complete different geography challenges quicker than their classmates. For instance, one student was able to identify all the countries of South America in as little as 12 seconds. Probably the most impressive is the student that can identify all countries of Europe in under a minute (:56). After spring break, we will be beginning our unit on Ancient Rome, which is usually a class favorite.