Love and Reading were in the air in February!

They started Corrective Reading after winter break and it has been going really well! The kids have been able to listen to the sounds they hear and blend the words together to read and spell them!

On school Valentine’s Day, we did a Write the Room and used the skills from Corrective Reading to scoop and blend the words. The kids picked a heart with a picture on it, then had to walk around and find the mailbox with the correct word. Then they had to read it, spell it for their friends, and write it on their paper.

Along with Corrective Reading, the kids have been working on learning Red Words (sight words) this year. They had a Valentine’s Sight Word page where they had to read the word and find/color that word in the picture. The end result was a beautiful rainbow heart!
We also had to have a little crafty fun! Shaving cream and paint hearts were a huge hit! The kids loved seeing how they looked after the mixture was scraped off. They also had funny face hearts!
Overall, school Valentine’s Day was a solid mixture of learning and fun!