What's New in Room 313?

On Thursdays and Fridays we now do Reading Workshop. We practice reading “good fit books” on Thursdays with just our teachers during our guided reading groups. Then on Fridays, we have parents come in and read with us! It’s super exciting to be reading and also awesome having new faces help out in our classroom!

During our Daily Reading jobs, we practice skills such as: Read to Self, Buddy Read, Listen to Reading, Word Work and now we have added, WRITING! During this independent writing activity, we can now work on a “squiggle” drawing, a “popcorn word” poem or choose an activity from our Writing Board: lists, labels or stories. It’s fun to choose activities that are just right for us. We also get a chance to read in small groups with our teachers to practice our focus skills and strategies like predicting and asking and answering questions.

Lastly, we have tons of “animal strategies” that we use daily to help us become better readers and writers and we have finally learned each strategy...Check them out below! 

Eagle Eye: study the picture clues for ideas and spy the popcorn words

Lips the Fish: get your mouth ready to say the beginning sound

Stretchy Snake: stretch out each sound in the word, then blend together

Chunky Monkey: look for groups of letters that stick together to blend and read

Skippy Frog: skip words you don’t know, use the clues to figure out the unknown

Trying Lion: go back and reread if it doesn’t make sense...don’t give up