Mr. or Mrs. President

Kindergarten children in Mrs. Steichen’s Class have had a lot of fun pretending to be President, thinking like Dr. Seuss, and spending Good Work Coupons.  We have been talking about why they do not come to school on Presidents’ Day, and they had fun pretending to be the President.



I asked the kids what they would do if they were the President.   Here is what they said:

  • I would let everybody do whatever they wanted.
  • I would love everybody.
  • I would say no candy in class.
  • I would say no food for kids and parents.
  • I would say no bad guys.
  • I would do let them do whatever you want but no stealing.
  • I would hug people.
  • I would say YES toys for kids.
  • I would give the people some money.
  • I would tell mommy and daddy and kids no candy.
  • I would say that yes we can play games. 

The children also had fun during Dr. Seuss week.  Each day a Dr. Seuss book was highlighted and children could dress-up if they wanted to participate.  On "Crazy Sock Day” we had fun counting by two’s and writing sentences to describe the socks.  On “Wacky Wednesday”, the children dressed mismatched, inside out, or backwards.  They also described how the school would look on Wacky Wednesday if Dr. Seuss came to CCECC – chairs would be upside down, words would be upside down, food would be wacky with worms in it, lunch tables would be flipped over, chairs would be floating, food would be floating off the trays, the playground would be floating, the flag would be upside down, the clock would have shoes instead of numbers, shoes on the ceiling, mud puddles in the classroom, games on the ceiling, names would be backwards.

Kindergarten children are very creative and love to share wacky ideas.  They were laughing and enjoying the fun week. 

Another fun part of school is earning and spending Good Work Coupons.  The children earn coupons for following rules (be responsible, be respectful, be safe), helping others, accomplishing goals, trying their best, etc…….  The best part of coupons is SPENDING them!  They get to “shop” with Mrs. Talty.  They can save coupons for popcorn, extra recess, lunch with the teacher, time in a “special” class, a special toy at recess, etc…….  If they save ten coupons, they get to spin the wheel in the office for an extra special prize.  We had a few children spinning the Big Wheel!!! I am very proud of all the children.  They work very hard to achieve academically, be a good friend socially, and think how to solve problems and make good decisions.  Every day we learn something new!!!  Kindergarten is a great place to be!