Professional Development » Fall 2023 - Professional Development

Fall 2023 - Professional Development

  Audience Facilitator(s) Description PD Credit
All Things Physical Education PE Teachers Rodney Monbrum What's new in physical education? These sessions will include heart rate monitor updates and planning, adaptive PE strategies, and the use of technology in the physical education classroom. 1 hour
Unmotivated Students Self-guided - anyone ELN
This course will cover three sections:
1. Motivating From the Inside Out,
2. Overcoming the Myths of Motivation, and
3. Motivating Classroom;
and will provide educators with practical classroom strategies to motivate students.
1 hour
Time Management for Teachers Self-guided - anyone ELN This course introduces the participant to techniques that help with personal organization of schedules, setting of priorities, and carrying out goals related to teaching. 1 hour
Yoga Body, Breath, and Mind anyone Jen Swanson This strand is devoted to those staff members looking for a way to get through the school year by focusing on their personal health and wellness. The first session will focus on yoga and physical postures. The following sessions will help you to learn breathing techniques for stress reduction, meditation, and mindfulness practices. 1 hour
ViewSonic - K-12 Boot Camp K-12 
Jen Rhodes and
Laura Dziuban
All aboard as we begin to learn how to utilize our ViewSonic boards. ViewSonic Basics, Advanced ViewSonic, and More ViewSonic! Do you need to learn more about your board? Join this strand to learn strategies and tools to help incorporate the ViewSonic board into your everyday classroom. 1 hour
Book Study anyone Sarah Veronda Writing is a critical skill that students need to know. Engage with your peers as you dive into TWR and learn about incorporating writing into your subject area. Help your students become better communicators through writing. The book is called The Writing Revolution and will be provided. 1 hour
SS Adoption K-5 Tiffany Stewart This session will be the beginning of the adoption of new Social Studies resources. Spend three sessions diving into the options and choosing what resource best supports your students and the curriculum. none
SS Adoption 6-12 Dave Sinkular This session will be the beginning of the adoption of new Social Studies resources. Spend three sessions diving into the options and choosing what resource best supports your students and the curriculum. none
Math Training - K-5 K-5 Jenn Ness SAVVAS representatives will be back to further explore their resources. Additional sessions will dive into the new resources and how to utilize them for student success. 2 hours
Math Training - 6-12 6-12 Matt Leman Do you want to learn more about DESMOS and other new resources for mathematics at the middle school and high school levels? Join this strand to explore DESMOS and its capabilities. 1 hour
Continuing the Brand Branding Committee only Brad Boresi We are all Coalers, we have our logos, what's next? These sessions will be a continuation of last spring's Branding Group to discuss what steps are next in the process. none
Intellectual, Social, and Communal Capital: Cultural Diversity in the Classroom anyone Amberley Maierhofer Immersion is necessary, the culture of a gathering begins at the invitation as the first touch point. What do you want to bring forward to unlock the potential of the students (and colleagues you serve)? Can you be who you are and still fit in with these people? Bring in your thoughts on content, connection, and community in this workshop to examine what cultural diversity is, how and why cultural diversity awareness matters in the classroom, and examine authentic approaches to build relationships with your students as you consider personal unknown cultural biases to create true inclusion. This series will focus on being aware of the differences in your classroom. 1 hour
R.E.A.D.I.N.G. - Ready to Engage And Design Instructional Groups K-5
Katie Ludes,
Kristen Strunga,
Tracy Schmitz
K-5 educators are invited to learn what the Illinois Literacy Plan has in store for the future of literacy in our classrooms and community, plan using explicit instruction format no matter the curriculum materials, and delve into Aimsweb to design instructional groups. 1 hour
ECCERS-3 Training PreK-and PreK Diagnostic Team Amanda Davidson This strand will dive into the process of a state audit and the requirements and expectations. Staff will review the state rating scale and compare it to ensure compliance. 1 hour
Mental Health Awareness anyone
National Alliance on Mental Illness
These sessions will focus on the mental health of students through identification and action. Additional sessions will include tips and tools to assist students and staff members with mental health awareness. 1 hour
SPED Collaboration Special Education Teachers
Luke Krippel
Special education teachers will receive training on Infinitec and Lessonpix for the first session.  Additional sessions will focus specifically on special education topics.  2 hours
Assessing Voice in the Fine Arts Classroom Fine Arts Teachers
Amy Siefken
These sessions will focus on the new Fine Arts indicators that will be a part of the school report card in the years to come.   1 hour