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Spring 2023 Professional Learning

The choices below will be for the next two in-service dates: March 1st and April 26th. 
Lunch is provided in buildings. 
Session 1 - 1:00-1:55
Session 2 - 2:00-2:55
Session 3 - 3:00-3:25 - Collaborative time for grade levels and departments
#Please bring a charged laptop and earbuds for Assessments, Go Guardian and SAT/PSAT online courses.
Grade Level/Department Meetings Locations
PreK - Room 408 Kindergarten-Room 409 1st Grade - Room 511 2nd Grade - Room 214
3rd Grade - Room 211 4th Grade Room 212 5th Grade - Room 213 Fine Arts - Room 804
6-12 Social Studies - Room 505 6-12 ELA - Room 210 6-12 Mathematics - Room 512 6-12 Science - Room 206
Health & Wellness - Room 124 College and Career - Room 209 Specialized Services - Room 503 World Languages - Room 504
Math Resource Review - No PD Hours
Room: 512 and 212
Audience: PK-12
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Facilitators: Jen Ness and Matt Leman
Description:  Teachers will be reviewing possible adoption materials/texts during this session.  
Autism Helpers Series
Room: 802
Audience: PK-12
Length: 2 hours
Facilitators: Sarah Southall and Katie Sobin
Description: Teachers will be given training on students with autism, how to assist them in class, and helping these students succeed in the general education and special education classrooms. 
Computer Literacy
Room: 209
Audience: CTE, SS, and English (College and Career Exploration, Current Events and E2) and Middle School SS teachers
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Facilitator: Amanda Malsky
Description: Articulation of the mandated computer literacy course learning objectives.  Middle school teachers will begin the articulation process in this strand.
Middle School Social Emotional Lesson Part 3 (Expanding to HS this semester)
Room: 210
Audience: 6-12
Length: 1 hour
Facilitator: Cealy DePersia
Description: MS staff members that attended this in December can attend to develop additional SEL lessons.
Reading K-12
Room: 409
Audience: K-12 with break-out groups being utilized - ALL are welcome (*Mandatory for all 6-12 ELA teachers)
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Reading Specialists and Psychs
Description: This is a continuation of the January PD titled Refocusing the Focus on Reading.  Facilitators will dive deeper into the topic. 
Paper Tigers/ACES
Room: 503
Audience: K-12 
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Luke Krippel and Craig Warner
Description: "Stressed brains can't learn."  That was the nugget of neuroscience that Jim Sporleder, principal of a high school riddled with violence, drugs, and truancy, took away from an educational conference in 2010.  Three years later, the number of fights at Lincoln Alternative High School had gone down by 75% and the graduation rate had increased five-fold.  Paper Tigers is the story of how one school made such dramatic progress. 
Branding - No PD Hours
Room: 500
Audience: Branding groups - Brad Boresi will contact individuals if you are a part of this group
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Brad Boresi
Description: This group will discuss the branding of all schools in the district.  Collaboration of staff members will occur in order to create a plan for the implementation of branding across the district.
Science Assessments and Curriculum
Room: 206
Audience: K-5, 6-12 - Science Department
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Jen Rink and Kaitlyn Czernicki
Description: During this session, teachers will be working on revising the science curriculum.  They will also be working on creating common, local assessments. 
Fine Arts Curriculum Work
Room: 804
Audience: K-12 - Fine Arts Department
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Facilitators: Amy Siefken
Description: Fine Arts teachers will be working on adding clarifying language to standards along with adding a 5th standard to the K-12 Visual Art curriculum.  
Everything Preschool!
Room: 408
Audience: PreK teachers, Kindergarten SPED Teachers, Speech Pathologists
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Amanda Davidson
Description: Participants will learn all information regarding Early Childhood outcomes.  
Positive Behavior Change
Room: 408
Audience: ECC Staff
Length: 1 hour
Facilitators: Amanda Davidson
Description: Participants will learn information regarding how to increase positive behaviors.  They will learn how to reinforce correctly and effectively.
Golden Principles of Explicit Instruction
Room: 511
Audience: 3-12
Length: 1 hour
Facilitator: Tammy Elledge
Description: This session will focus on the use of explicit instruction using materials from Dr. Anita Archer. Themes include management, instruction, and delivery of instruction to improve student learning. This strand would be most helpful for teachers fairly new to the profession but helpful reminders for veterans as well. It would also be beneficial for mentor teachers or teachers that would like to be mentor teachers. Topics will include Assumicide, Concepts and Vocabulary, Practice-Practice-Practice, Up on your Feet, Avoid Voids, What you Expect=What you Get, and Passion-Compassion. 
SAT/PSAT# - Self-Guided Online
Room: 214
Audience: 8-12
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Facilitator: Admin
Description:  In this strand, staff will learn about the PSAT/SAT Suite and how to utilize the data.  Choice will be given in regard to various online sessions that may include SAT Math, SAT Science, PSAT 8/9, SAT ERW, Using SAT Data, and the SAT Suite.
Assessments# - Self-Guided Online
Room: 214
Audience: K-12
Length: 1 or 2 hours
Facilitator: Admin
Description:  Are you looking to create better assessments that are valid and designed appropriately for your students?  This is the session for you!  Staff will be given various assessment topics to delve into.  Topics include rubrics, valid assessments, designing assessments, and assessment audits.  
Go Guardian# - Self-Guided Online 
Room: 214
Audience: K-12
Length: 1 hour
Facilitator: Admin
Description: Do you need assistance in understanding what Go Guardian features will work for you?  In this strand, you will learn some of the basic to advanced features that will benefit your instruction.