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Spring Professional Development 2019

Title: Improv in the Classroom - Room 505
Facilitator: Betsy Cowherd
Audience: Anyone
Description: These activities were taken from The Second City. This groundbreaking company has trained thousands of educators and students through its Improvisation for Creative Pedagogy program, which uses improv exercises to teach a wide variety of content areas and boost skills that are crucial for student learning: listening, teamwork, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more. Some exercises that will be shared can be used to teach a wide variety of subjects including: language arts, foreign language, math, science and social studies. They can also build classroom community and develop cooperative learning skills. Participants will be engaging in these activities and then brainstorming how they can be used in your classroom.
Title: Instructional Coaching for ELA - Room 511
Facilitator: Katie Ludes
Audience: 6-12 ELA Teachers Mandatory (All other 6-12 teachers are invited to attend)

Session 1--Comprehension Skills 6-12
In this session we will be using clips from Smekens to discuss teaching Mini-lessons for comprehension in grades 6-12 as well as part on how to teach and utilize the language of the comprehension strategies. We also will look into using an annotation that can be universal in all content areas.

Session 2--Writing Skills 6-12
In this session we will use clips from Smekens to discuss teaching mini-lessons on writing, how to use trait languages in 6-12 and how to write about reading. We will delve into the concepts needed to teach our students to be effective in responding to literature.

Session 3---Finding the best method to help with Testing
In this session, we will work on bringing the reading and writing together to help students prepare for standardized tests which they will continue to take even in college. We will work on tying together more closely the reading and writing strategies from the first two sessions.

Title: Zones and Social Thinking - Room 409
Facilitators: CJ Dziuban, Amanda Patten, Kailee Marketti and Jen Swanson
Audience: Primary target audience is PreK-5, although the concepts being addressed span into high school
Description: This session is designed to bridge the gap between intense skill intervention and carryover to performance within the larger classroom environment. In the first two sessions participants will learn the 10 core concepts of social thinking and how those concepts can be incorporated into day-to-day activities in the classroom. The final session will focus on the Zones of Regulation, a program designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control.
Title: Disability Alphabet Soup for the Everyday Classroom - Room 408
Facilitators: Abby Dimitrijevic, Sarah Veronda and Jen Swanson
Audience: Anyone
Session 1: Disability 101: This session will provide information regarding the common "disabilities" or disabling conditions we see in our classrooms. What do they mean, what do we expect, and how do we accommodate them?
Session 2: Disability 102: This session will provide information and guidance about talking to parents & peers about disability and disabling conditions. Confidentiality and employing/applying sensitivity within classrooms and the school will also be covered.
Session 3: Disability 103: This session will cover ways to create inclusive and supportive environments for our students with disabilities. Accommodation, modification, peer coaching, and the creation of positive climates will be included.
Title: Smekens Reading - Room 210
Facilitator: Pam Vigna
Audience: PK-5

Session 1: Leading an Effective Reading Block
Learn how to structure your reading block and the three types of instruction that make it effective - whole group, small group, and literacy stations.

Session 2: Introducing Comprehension Strategies to Students (Whole Group Instruction)
Learn how to introduce the 6 reading comprehension strategies to students.

Session 3: Differentiation Small Group Instruction for Readers
Learn how to differentiate based on your readers’ needs and how to structure small group instruction. OR
Session 3: Implementing Literacy Stations (Independent Instruction)
Learn how to implement literacy stations that students can independently function and learn.

Title: Vocabulary Scaffolding for STEM - Room 501
Facilitator: Jennifer Rink
Audience: PK-5 Science Committee and any other interested PK-5 teachers

Session 1 & 2: Analyze NGSS standards and create grade appropriate common language for the terms used in the engineering process. In addition, determine the common names for steps and visuals for the classroom of the steps of the engineering process across k-5 classrooms.

Session 3: Create grade level, hands-on engineering tasks that incorporate the grade appropriate steps and language that were developed in session 1 & 2.

Title: CHAMPS: A Positive and Proactive Approach to Classroom Management - Room 211
Facilitator: Sarah Veronda and Ashley Matsko
Audience: PK-12 teachers
Description: Develop a classroom management framework for your classroom to improve classroom behavior, increase student academic engaged time, and motivate students to do their best work.
Title: Student Growth Mindset (Book Study) - HS LRC
Facilitators: Jennifer Kenney and Tracy Carlson
Audience: Anyone
*Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Participants responsible for securing their own copy for the study.
Description: More and more students are coming into classrooms with a fixed mindset about their learning.  In order to to learn and flourish, we must switch our thinking and create an atmosphere where students and teachers possess a growth mindset.  With this book study, we will discuss how great parents, teachers, managers, and athletes put the idea of growth mindset to use to foster outstanding accomplishment.
Title: Visual Arts Alignment to State Standards - Room 804
Facilitator: Amy Siefken
Audience: Visual Arts Teachers
Description: The Visual Arts teachers will work on writing vertical and horizontal standards-based alignment to the state standards
Title: Self-Directed Online Learning - Room 205
Facilitator: Admin
Audience: Anyone
Description: and Ed360/Ed Leaders Network provide free professional development and networking. In this session teachers will have an opportunity to map out their own professional learning. The group will briefly share their experiences at the end of each session.
Title: Spreadsheets for Poets - Room 207
Facilitator: Jason Smith
Audience: Any
Description: Participants will learn the power of the spreadsheet. Participants will explore formulas and functions; sorting and filtering; and data analysis techniques.
Title: Standards-based grading in Specials - Room 509
Facilitators: Mark Fiske and Amy Siefken
Audience: All Elementary Specials Teachers
Description: Teachers will use their grade level curriculum to pull standards to begin a discussion on standards based grading. We will look at what is meaningful and important at each grade level for each student to learn. Through this process, teachers will develop a system for their classroom to incorporate standards based grading.
Title: Making Physical Education student-centered - Room 214
Facilitator: Brad Schmitt
Audience: PE Teachers Mandatory (Double Strand)

Session 1: Brainstorm ideas and concepts that we can either alter or add to our current Physical Education curriculum in hopes of students gaining a better understanding as to why/how fitness and wellness are an integral part of the overall learning outcome.

Session 2: We will take our past discussion and begin to implement those learning standards, outcomes, concepts and ideas into our current Physical Education curriculum and begin to establish a better overall student wellness initiative.

Session 3: We will continue to add to our past two sessions and begin talks of writing assessments and plans of establishing a quality fitness based curriculum for all levels of our Physical Education Department.

Title: Making math videos - Room 212
Facilitator: Jennifer Ness
Audience: Target audience is PK-5 - but 6-12 are invited
Description: Do you want to provide an authentic learning opportunity that will improve mathematical understanding, and inspire and engage students in math?  If so, making math videos is for you!  We will be taking a close look at the curriculum, discussing how to make/edit videos with students,  and have completed videos throughout our strand.  These videos will be posted to our website to assist students and parents with math.  It is recommended that at least 2 team members per grade level attend. 
Title: NGSS Aligned Lessons and Teaching - Room 206
Facilitator: Natalie Coleman
Audience: All 6-12 science teachers Mandatory (Double Strand)
Description: Writing NGSS Aligned lessons and sharing/modeling NGSS teaching techniques.
Title: EasyIEP and all things special ed - Room 510
Facilitator: Amanda Davidson and Sandy Rakes
Audience: Mandatory for special ed teachers teaching or in the district less than 5 years. All special ed teachers are welcome.
Session 1: All things EasyIEP
Session 2: Writing SMART IEP Goals
Session 3: Annual Review/3-year Reevaluation Process
Title: Breaking down the SAT - Room 512
Facilitator: Corey Mikula
Audience: 9-12 Math Teachers
Participants will break down our results from last year's SAT, and evaluate problem areas against current local assessments.
Title: Assessments as a Learning Tool - Room 512
Facilitator: Corey Mikula
Audience: 6-8 Math Teachers

Participants will evaluate current math assessments.  We will discuss what we need from an assessment, what we are currently getting from our assessments, and what we do with our assessments results to improve.

Data Review Meetings @ 3:00 p.m.
LA 6-12 Room 210 PE/Health Room 409 Math 6-12 Room 512 Student Services LRC
Science 6-12 Room 206 PreK - Room 511 Social Studies 6-12 505 Kindergarten Room 211
1st Grade Room 212 2nd Grade Room 213 3rd Grade Room 214 4th Grade Room 511
5th Grade Room 509 Fine Arts Room 804 Foreign Lang Room 504 CTE Room 209